Classification Of Kayaks

A kayak is a small boat with an open deck and curved shape to make it great for moving quickly through the water. The term kayak originates from the word qayaq (a dual form of qayax), in the Eskimo-Aleut languages. Kayaks are also called Canoes or Canots, especially in Europe. Kayaks mustn’t be mistaken for hollowed-out logs or dugout canoes since they are structurally different from both of them.

Classification Of Kayaks

Rigid Kayak

A Kayak is classified as rigid when it uses internal supports to keep its shape. The length of the kayak can vary with the size of the person riding in it, but they are usually long. Other variations include being wide or narrow for beam stability and sea or whitewater kayaks, which have flattened hulls for waves and speed.

Wooden kayak

A wooden kayak is made of wood, using the traditional bentwood method to form the classic kayak shape. Wooden kayaks are usually made of either Western Red Cedar or Alaska Yellow cedar because it has decent longitudinal flex and can be pretty tough with the proper preparation. All pieces are tapered with steam and bent into shape with heat and moisture. The wood is fastened to the ribs with brass wire which is tied to the frames.

Folding Kayak

A folding kayak is designed to break down into pieces to be easily stored and transported on top of a car, inside a small apartment, or even on an airplane. The common misconception that “all folding kayaks are the same” is false.

Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks consist of a durable fabric that can stay afloat when inflated by either an internal air chamber or multiple inflatable chambers. Inflatables can come in different styles, from rubberized boats to more advanced designs with features like aluminum ribs, inflatable seats, and deck support systems. Modern designs are usually made of high-performance synthetic materials with drop-stitch construction or multiple airtight inner bladders to ensure they do not burst open if punctured.


To sum up all the discussion, great kayaks can be purchased by finding one which suits your needs, is of high quality, durable and safe to use.